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Erika + Jonathan [DESTINATION WEDDING] - Riviera Maya, Mexico

These two are and will remain so special to me. From meeting them at their best friends' engagement session, to taking me to MEXICO, yes, you read right! As much as I would love to write about them, I want to share an excerpt of the groom's vows because they are, well, #goals.Love you guys!

"Babe I vow to stand by your side and be your shield from anyone that would cause you harm. For when I have been at my lowest and most vulnerable you never once discarded me or pushed me aside. You never told me that you've failed too many times to give up or try something new. You told me to pick myself up and go again, and again and again if necessary. You showed me it's not the size of the man or the coin in his purse but the will he has to chase what he wants. You've removed my insecurities, shattered my doubts you are the reason for all I've done, all I am and all I will ever be. So above all other goals in life, 1 reigns supreme. How can I make you as happy as you make me? This is a challenge. I haven't always been the best cook, even when I pawed off Publix chicken as my own special recipe. And I know that I'm not the most handsome evident by all the times you told me you were dating me for what I'm going to look like at 40. But there are things I can control like doing the laundry or wash the dreaded dishes and even working endless shifts and watching the sunrise, I'll do it all because your happiness is worth it. My only regret would be missing all that time lying next to you, holding you and hearing the sweet sound of your cute snores. After all it's only fair that the women who makes me this happy gets the same in return. To recap, we were friends, we kissed and I promised to wash some dishes. There was only one thing left to do. Something I had no control over, a question I should have asked much sooner. Will you marry me? After months of planning and multiple failed attempts you made me the happiest man in the world when you said yes 1000 feet in the air. And regardless of the physical height that was the closest I've ever come to heaven. Thank you for agreeing to be mine and I yours. Thank you for choosing me, for being the women you are and most importantly bending down in photos so I look taller. I vow to love you, honor you and cherish you in the good times and bad and for all the days between."

you KILLED me Johnny!

2017-11-16_0001.jpg 2017-11-16_0002.jpg 2017-11-16_0003.jpg 2017-11-16_0004.jpg 2017-11-16_0005.jpg 2017-11-16_0006.jpg 2017-11-16_0007.jpg 2017-11-16_0008.jpg 2017-11-16_0009.jpg 2017-11-16_0010.jpg 2017-11-16_0011.jpg 2017-11-16_0012.jpg 2017-11-16_0013.jpg 2017-11-16_0014.jpg 2017-11-16_0015.jpg

Johnny was very nervous before walking down the isle! It was so sweet to see how much he loves Erica. (Funny fact: Johnny's dad was my pediatrician when I was young! We found out at the wedding, this world is way too small)

2017-11-16_0016.jpg 2017-11-16_0017.jpg 2017-11-16_0018.jpg 2017-11-16_0019.jpg 2017-11-16_0020.jpg 2017-11-16_0021.jpg 2017-11-16_0022.jpg 2017-11-16_0023.jpg 2017-11-16_0024.jpg 2017-11-16_0025.jpg 2017-11-16_0026.jpg 2017-11-16_0027.jpg 2017-11-16_0028.jpg 2017-11-16_0029.jpg

These two surely know how to party!

2017-11-16_0030.jpg 2017-11-16_0031.jpg

Highlight of the night was Erica's grandma Rose dancing with the young guys and really enjoying it. I want to be like her when I'm that age, lol.



The next images are from the Bridal (or Day After) Session. Erica and Johnny are troopers getting up at sunrise, and it was totally worth it!

2017-11-16_0033.jpg 2017-11-16_0034.jpg 2017-11-16_0035.jpg 2017-11-16_0036.jpg

A little blooper, it's too funny not to share.



Can't wait to capture more special moments in your lives, CHEERS TO MR. & MRS. FIALLO! 2017-11-16_0038.jpg



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