DIPP Photography - South Florida Wedding Photographer





Lover of photos, traveler, finder of beauty in all things, ice cream aficionado but above all, loving mother to the most amazing little boy, Connor. Looking back on the past years I can say that I have grown and changed but my love for photography remains the same. I have always enjoyed taking photos; a little obsessed, I may add, just look at the 20k+ photos in my phone 😂 . It’s the knowledge that you’re freezing a moment in time that you will never get back, but you will always remember, even the tiniest detail, through photos.

DIPP Photography was born out of the dream that so many women share, the dream to be independent. After taking a few classes in Miami Dade College, photography took off at a very surprising rate and so much that within a few years I left my full time job (the only job i've ever had that is)! Although I take workshops every year to further my education, nothing fuels my passion more than the love that I have for what I do and the strong desire to always make my son proud!


"My love for weddings has always been obvious. Love is what inspires me everyday.

I constantly crave to tell each story through my lens."