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Alejandra + Daniel [DESTINATION WEDDING] - San Francisco, CA


Alejandra and I met around 5 years ago, and since then we clicked. Being in the same industry and being moms drew us closer and we never lost touch. Fast forward to 2017, she asked me to be her wedding photographer, and I was even more excited when she said her wedding was going to be in San Francisco! Naturally I agreed to go, but what I didn't know was how this experience was going to be one that I would never ever forget. I'm so blessed to call you my friend Alejandra, and I'm so happy Danny treats you so amazingly well! Sharing time with the two of you made me understand why God brought you both together, you deserve each other. This new thing I'm doing of sharing couple's love story from the bride or groom's point of view is something I'm going to keep going. Here is a excerpt from Alejandra:

"A haircut. That was what started it all. Before the infamous haircut, I had known Danny for about 2 years. We worked together for a year in Miami Dade College and continued to stay in touch after I had left that job. I reached out to Danny a year after I had left because I needed his help registering for an exam to finish my Associates degree. He was very sweet and helped me through the whole process. At the time, I was also in cosmetology school so I figured I would give him a haircut since he had helped me out a lot so, we set up a time and date for him to come into the salon. A few days before the appointment and after a little flirting here and there he asked me out for drinks. Little did I know that a haircut appointment would lead me to such an amazing man. I could go on and on about all the times he has been there for me. All of the times where he's wiped the tears off my face and held me just because I want to be held. All of the times where he's put up with my "hangry" attitude and gotten me the exact meal I want, even if he has to go through a mission to get it. But most importantly, we have helped each other grow and supported each other through our mistakes and our successes. I am very fortunate to get to call him my husband and go through life's up and downs with him by my side."


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thank you for making me part of one of the most important moments in your lives!


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