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Emily [QUINCE] --- Cruz Building, Calle 8, The Secret Gardens

There are those times where you love Quinceaneras....and there are times like this day I spent with this featured Quinceanera that makes me love my job even more. I absolutely love when moms are open to creative ideas! Thank you Emily, Maria, Judith & Diana for all your help and for choosing and treating me like family. I enjoyed the whole day like no other! Special thank you to Sissi Ceballos for beautifying Emily and being such a great sport the whole day! Thanks for following my blog & enjoy the sneak peek below.

Dipp_2016 Emily QUINCE-263 Untitled3-2Dipp_2016 Emily QUINCE-727-EditUntitled4-2Dipp_2016 Emily QUINCE-771-EditDipp_2016 Emily QUINCE-852-EditDipp_2016 Emily QUINCE-907 Dipp_2016 Emily QUINCE-893-Edit Dipp_2016 Emily QUINCE-878

Romeo the tiger was such a cutie, and such a good boy!

Dipp_2016 Emily QUINCE-967-EditDipp_2016 Emily QUINCE-1314-Edit-2 Dipp_2016 Emily QUINCE-1014-EditDipp_2016 Emily QUINCE-1674-EditDipp_2016 Emily QUINCE-1616-EditDipp_2016 Emily QUINCE-1582-EditDipp_2016 Emily QUINCE-1548-Edit

These colors are out of control!!!! The flowers, pose, and canoe came together so well.

Dipp_2016 Emily QUINCE-1323Dipp_2016 Emily QUINCE-1430-Edit Dipp_2016 Emily QUINCE-1421-Edit Dipp_2016 Emily QUINCE-1404-EditDipp_2016 Emily QUINCE-1427-Edit


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